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Welcome to my projects page. Here you will find external links to all my various projects that aren't really mods of any kind. A bunch of stuff I've done, basically.

Knytt Stories Launcher
A Fork of boi revanmped launcher, with heavy modification, made for users of Knytt Stories mods.

Nekopara Chibi Cutouts
Cutouts of dozens of Nekopara Chibis.

More Nekopara Chibi Cutouts
Cutouts of even more Nekopara Chibis.

Sonic R Updater
An installer to update the 1998 port of Sonic R to the 2004 port with mods.

An installer to downgrade Sonic Adventure DX (Steam) to SADX 2004 and install the SADX Mod Loader with dozens of preconfigured mods.

Amiibo Database
A database documenting the IDs of every single retail amiibo product.

PC Game Cataloging
A database documenting my personal collection of physical PC games.