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Sometimes I make mods for video games and such. This is where you can find them.
Usually it's a dumb Sonic game though, so uh- be prepared for that.

Sometimes I host mods here for people without a page to host them on, because nobody should be forced to use a shoddy file host for files intended for public distribution. Mods made by other people are noted as such in the title with a link their user page somewhere, usually Steam.

Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut Mods

A project that essentially is a patch for the Steam version of Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut that allows you to turn it into the 2004 port, with many mods pre-installed. This project is a collaboratvie work, I just happen to be the one that started it. It's maintained by myself and Carlmundo, but the mods it's composed of are maintained by many many members of the community.

All of the following mods for Sonic Adventure DX: Diretor's Cut require you be running the 2004 port of the game with the SADX Mod Loader.
This comes packaged with BetterSADX by default, so if you have that you're good to go.

XInput Prompts
Changes a bunch of Keyboard Keys to Xbox 360 style buttons. It's well paired with SonicFreak94's Input Mod. The generic controller image used in game is a Logitech F310, which was chosen as the steam port used it as the icon for rumble in the options menu.

MetalSonic Sounds
A simple mod that properly restores the sounds for Metal Sonic in the game. For whatever reason every PC port of the game has broken sounds for Metal Sonic, sound is in ADX format as well.

Soap Shoes Sonic
An extremely basic texture mod I made to change the texture on Sonic's Shoes to be more like his SA2 Soaps. I did this as a joke at Danhanado who, in his tutorial on texture swapping didn't mention that the texture you're adding needs to map out in the same way, or else you'll end up with some funky looking shoes. I also winged it on adding his Light Speed Dash varient as well, and it turned out alright.

DLC Circuits
Replaces everyone but Sonic's Twinkle Circuit tracks with the Dreamcast DLC Courses, but only in the Sub Game Menu, so that you may play the courses without hacking. Scores do not save, no emblems can be collected this way. Those characters may access the standard Twinkle Circuit course though the adventure field normally.

Water Fixes by IndyTheGreat
A mod loader version of Water Fixes by IndyTheGreat. I whipped it together because before he had it done via direct file replacement. It corrects some poorly implemented water textures by editing the texture rather than by fixing the underlying issue. Functional, but not ideal.

Additionally here are some depreciated mods I'm just dumping here for archival purposes. You probably shouldn't use them, but you can if you want.

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Mods

All of the following mods for Sonic Adventure 2 require you be running the game with the SA2 Mod Loader.

Restore Soap Shoes Adverts
A basic mod that replaces the generic Sonic Team posters and logos with the advertisments for Soap Shoes from the GameCube port. This was done for the purpose of making the game more authentic- SA2 always had Soap Shoes, Sonic still has Soap Shoes, City Escape should still be trying to sell me Soap Shoes.

City Escape Bug Fix by Air Chomp
This is a mod to fix a graphic bug causing moving cars throughout the level to be rendered in the sky. The bug only affects users with some older Intel CPUs under their internal IGPs. Included also is his plus version of the mod, which adds black cars sitting near where you hear police sirens throughout the stage to improve immersion.

Ancient Garden by Air Chomp
This is a mod intended to replace the Dark Chao garden with one themed loosely on the Ancient Mystic Ruins from Sonic Adventure. Also included is a Chao World Extended friendly Lite version of the mod. Includes new textres, new layout, and new music. You can watch a video showing off the mod here.

Music Swaps by Air Chomp
Air Chomp has made a handful of mods that swap the music in various parts of the game. Among them are mods to use the Generations versions of City Escape and Radical Highway, revert the Chao Lobby Music to the one from SA2, and to change Radical Highway's music to... Faint by Linkin Park? You just can't make this stuff up, folks.

Sonic R Mods

All of the following mods for Sonic R require you be running the game with the Sonic R Mod Loader on the 2004 port of Sonic R.

Remove Stray UI Pixels
Sonic R is littered with a common problem where UI graphics (among other issues) have this thing I call "texture bleeding" where the UI graphics, which are stored in a single flat texture file, are over or undermapped based on the resolution of the game, causing what appears to be stray pixels all over the UI along the bottom, tops, and sides of the UI elements. This mod fixes it by editing many of the offending textures.